Visual Hierarchy

Notes from class.
Stroke Weights.
Horizontal Shift: 2 Flush-Left Margins.
Horizontal Shift: 3 Flush-Left Margins
Linespacing + 2 Stroke Weights.
2 Stroke Weights + Horizontal Shift.
Started out first with some grids and preliminary sketches.
Changed alignment of “Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures.”
Centering vs left margin of events.
Alignment of events.
Changed size of “Five Evenings, Virtual Lectures” and in 3rd, changed placement of place and website.
Changed size of “Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures” and in 3rd, changed placement of place and website.
Changed size of “Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures,” and in 3rd, changed alignment of “Five Evenings, Virtual Lectures” and placement of place and web.
Changed placement of place and web.
Changed font sizes and alignment of events.
Changed alignment of events.
The 3 that I chose to add color to, after some classmates cast their votes for their top 3 favorites.
Color explorations… kept it simple and clean.
So obvious…
Inspiration from Pinterest…. I like the potential of combining photography and graphic elements to convey something that relates to literature yet isn’t obvious or boring.
The alternative; going simple and using the website’s logo.
6 images I held in consideration.
Some adjustments; minute differences in text size. Didn’t want the events text too big, but liked the slightly bigger version (right) as it fills up the space a bit more.
A glance at different versions of the poster. I didn’t explore much with images because of how much time I spent refining my one image.
Before image and after image!
Some notes from crit.
Quote from website.
Dates in bold → Titles in bold.
Before and after halftone filter.
Some iterations after Vicki’s crit and suggestions from Yoshi.
Filter explorations.
Variations of woman. Final tint was a little bit warmer and I wanted her lightened up a bit, but it didn’t print very well.
Iterations and below, my final result for crit.
Will change which text is emphasized, take out squiggly line as it distracts and makes the slogan recede, will explore other colors.
Changed emphasized text, added grid. I thought the gridlines acted as a grid which was my mistake. Started to explore other colors.
Sage, dark green.
Dark red, pink. At this point I’m just exploring what might work.
Testing header line breaks.
Francis and Proud gave me crit and they helped me come up with a more interesting composition!




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