Hybrid Exhibit Environments

Rough layout of Miller ICA.
Thoughts and research.
Here you played the video on the touch screen, and you could watch both from up close as well as far away.
Could have a section like this to represent the rainforest (for example, Yaguas National Park)? I love the idea of including plants, though I’d prefer real ones. I like the textural element.
Touch screen, with a diorama in front. Could do this with endangered wildlife that has gotten protections due to activist efforts.
Cute little info desk with maps and a scavenger hunt challenge. Floor stickers with an activity for kids.
Screens to display a landscape. I prefer the curved one as it’s a little more immersive. +A diorama of a forest! Could include one of the Amazon to scale?
Reels and their viewing areas. I like the timer in the first picture, as it lets you anticipate the video and possibly look around more while you wait for the video to restart.
Just audio; the Savannah scene had audio of bird chirping and howls; in the second photo, there was a seating area for you to sit down and listen to a story about how the constellations were formed. In time with the story, the ceiling had the lights turn on and form constellations.
Touch; read an illustrated about the creation of the Pleiades constellation at your own pace; read more about the artist if you’re interested.
Mural with 3D elements; reminds me of a paper cut lightbox. Fruits and plants on display.
Reflective surfaces. Could a message could be written here?
Reflective spaces; writing and reading. (Anthropocene Living Room!)
Political messages.
Height of text. Most text was either a bit below my eye level or a bit higher.
Lots of signage.
Info desk had a wall up to the left. A smaller table had pamphlets.
Screens at Miller. The one on the ceiling had figures below looking up.
Video with headphones to listen (hi Hannah!)
Me using the Oculus, looking around.
Storyboards of ideas, though I think I’ll exclude the “animals in the Amazon” idea and might iterate upon the “lights in memory” idea.
What I have in mind right now. Anything to put in middle..?
Kiosks at Panera and McDonald’s.
Parti diagram.
Floor lights. Small LEDs would light up as you walk over them, each one honoring a murdered environmental activist.
Timeline of environmental activists murdered in Latin America in the last 2 decades (may adjust time range). Timeline would begin to form when you walk up to it due to a motion sensor. Info bubble zooms in when you rest your eyes on it using eye tracking.
Story cards on reflective surface. Rest your eyes on one card to play a short video detailing the person and their achievements. Look towards the right to see more people.
Indoor waterfall with glowing text that would appear when you walk up to it (text very much subject to change). Panel on the side elaborates on the text.
New parti diagram. Might need to extend timeline to B wall?
Pressure sensitive light to represent the floor lights.
Proximity sensor light, which most closely represents the waterfall text. Sketch of littleBits and Arduino models.
Before; After.
Modified version of timeline.
Trimble still isn’t working, and I want to make a curved wall but don’t know how to. SketchUp has crashed several times and I am afraid.
Current progress of physical model and SketchUp. Need to add rafters + vines to model, and add picture to curved wall in SketchUp.
SketchUp has stopped working for me and won’t let me open any files :( Second photo is a screenshot I took from Catherine’s computer.
Typeface for my presentation glitched so it’s all in Optima now, no Bely Display.
Added curved wall, intro paragraph text, edited the background for last activist.
Parti Diagram including rafters and optimal path.




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